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There are many specialist commercial cleaning services companies who cover London and the Home Counties. Key considerations are:

– the company understands your needs

– has a proven track record

– can provide a reliable and quality service at a competitive price

We guarantee a very competitive offer. Contact us now on 020-3734-9508 to discuss the “what” and “how” we can help support and deliver your requirements.


Commercial Cleaning Services – 020 3734 9508

We are commercial cleaning experts, with a team of highly skilled personnel who have extensive experience cleaning and maintaining a wide range of premises from offices, to large public spaces such as retail or housing estates, schools, airports and building refurbishments. Regardless of where you are in the contract cycle with your existing cleaning provider, contact us to discuss how we can help you.

If you haven’t already, watch the short video above to see some of the worst places for germs and put your details into the box to the side to get our free factsheet on the Top 5 worst places for germs in the office – you might be surprised by No. 1.

We fully appreciate the challenges your grappling with, especially when looking for a new vendor and the pressures on Facilities Managers generally; few notice when cleaning’s done right, but are very quick to point out when not! One way to differentiate the services of one cleaning firm with another, is their approach to actually delivering the service. Cost will typically be a factor, but influencing that is the products and services offered.

Discussions about your future needs ought to be with companies who are pushing the proverbial envelope and seeking ways to deliver innovative solutions to the cleaning of your office, school or building, on both the inside and out. This innovative approach might be in terms of the way the service delivered is structured, the nature of the cleaning products themselves or the equipment used.

Traditionally, contracts have been drafted in accordance with the specified requirements rather than being results focused. This might sound strange and almost contradictory, but where a scope of work has been drafted with the emphasis on the output and a framework that allows a degree of discretion and flexibility for the team undertaking the cleaning agreed is to the betterment of the client. For example, if during the course of a contract, the usage of an area changes and there’s no or minimal flexibility within the contract to cater to this, there’s a need to review and agree a change of terms.  If the contract were structured to allow in advance for a degree of flexibility, this removes the need to renegotiate the contract and ensures that the service provided adapts with the way the area is used. An alternative consideration is with the nature of the products employed.

Sustainability should be more than a word to which lip service is paid; that being said, innovative companies are investing in and using plant, rather than petroleum based, products.  This is largely cost neutral, but has the added benefit of being more environmentally friendly.

Contact us on 020 3734 9508, to discuss what and how we can help.

We also have a Top 5 Worst Offenders factsheet that’s available at no cost – you may be surprised at some of these!  This is available by putting your best email into the box below (right hand side of the page) and we’ll email it to you straight away.

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