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There are many specialist commercial cleaning services companies to choose from when deciding who to select either as part of the tendering process or engaging directly. Key considerations include:

  • the Contract Manager is accessible and readily contactable
  • your requirements are fully understood, and the vendor has a proven track record servicing such needs
  • can provide a reliable and quality service at a competitive price


We guarantee a very competitive offer. Contact us now to discuss the “what” and “how” we can help support and deliver your requirements.

Services Delivered


  • Regular Cleans
  • Communal Areas
  • Deep Cleaning
  • Ad hoc


  • Building Refurbs
  • Large Public Areas
  • Commercial Units 


  • Hazardous
  • Chemical
  • Environmental



Best Commercial Cleaning Services Across The Capital

We work with commercial cleaning experts, industrially accredited (i.e. BICSc, ISO 9001 and 14001) with teams of skilled personnel who have extensive experience cleaning and maintaining a wide range of premises from offices, to large public spaces such as retail or housing estates, schools, airports and building refurbishments. We start at 25000 square feet. Delivering a quality service is critical for the teams with whom we work. Regardless of where you are in the contract cycle with your existing cleaning provider, contact us to discuss how we can help you.

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We fully appreciate the challenges you’re grappling with, especially when looking for a new vendor and the pressures on Facilities Managers generally; not many notice when cleaning’s done right, but are very quick to point out when not! One way to differentiate the services of one cleaning firm from another is their approach to actually delivering the service. The cost will typically be a factor, but influencing that is the products and services offered.

Traditionally, contracts are drafted according to specified requirements or tasks rather than being results-focused, i.e. the area’s to be kept clean. Agreements that focuses on the output and provide a framework allowing the team a level of discretion and flexibility is to the betterment of the client. For example, when the usage of an area changes during the contract, a team with limited flexibility to cater to this, will require a review of and agreement to a change of terms. When the contract formally allows for a degree of discretion, it removes the need to renegotiate the deal subsequently. It ensures that the service provided adapts with the way the area is used. An alternative consideration is with the nature of the products employed.

Discussions about your future needs should be with companies who push the proverbial envelope and seek ways to deliver innovative solutions to the cleaning of your facilities, both on the inside and out. This innovative approach might be in terms of the way the service provided is structured, the nature of the cleaning products themselves, the equipment used or the related charge.

Sustainability and innovation should be more than words to which lip service is paid. 

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What is considered commercial cleansing?

  • A commercial cleansing service cleans up points such as offices, buildings, or stores, i.e. non-residential environments.  
  • Business cleansing firms additionally focus on special one-off events, such as a fire or flood clean up, as well as building clean-ups or after completion of building restoration work. They have the commercial equipment and know-how required to clean points that have been affected by extreme conditions (e.g. water, fire, rubble). 

How do you charge for commercial cleaning?

  • There are a variety of methods typically used to calculate the cost, including:
    • hourly charge
    • cost for a particular job 
    • Price for the service delivered (a more all-encompassing approach).
  • Other factors also considered when determining the charge, are:
    • the location
    • frequency of clean
    • density/usage of the area
    • specialist equipment,

Important Environmentally Friendly Practices

Commercial cleaning with sustainable technology

To state the obvious, cleaning products, especially those like concentrated bleach (10 – 15% sodium hypochlorite), are highly alkaline, are incredibly detrimental to one’s health and the environment. It’s imperative to use such products sparingly and ensure they’re disposed of responsibly. All our teams are familiar with COSHH – Control of Substances Hazardous to Health. The teams are ISO certified.

All of us are exposed to biological contaminants. However, the results on our health depend upon the type and amount of biological contamination and the specific person.

Allergic reactions can vary from slightly uneasy to dangerous, as in an extreme asthma attack. Some common symptoms and signs include watery eyes, runny nose and sneezing, nasal blockage, itching, coughing, wheezing and trouble breathing, headache and tiredness.

These individuals have sensitive respiratory tracts that can respond to various irritants, making breathing challenging. The number of people who have asthma has significantly increased in the last few years.  

This issue is likewise really severe if we are talking about cleaning services used in offices. The chemicals utilised for cleaning must be safe, both to those doing the cleaning and those nearby. 

The top area in which eco-friendly business cleaning companies are altering is in the use of chemicals, where many commercial cleaning solvents are petroleum-based. Identified as volatile organic compounds, or VOCs, their disposal can produce huge issues for both our environment as well as our health.  

One area in which innovative companies are investing is using plant, rather than petroleum-based, products; this is mostly cost neutral but has the added benefit of being more environmentally friendly. To read more about establishing environmental and sustainable workplace practices.

5 Easy To Implement Eco-Friendly Activities:

  • Recycle! An obvious one. Providing an extra few bins for recycling of non-confidential paper, plastics, etc. is a quick and straightforward step to take. 
  • Incentivise carpooling, greater use of public transportation, and cycling to work! Not only does this go a long way to lowering emissions, but it also reduces the cost of the daily commute and in the case of cycling, can help with overall fitness. 
  • Go paperless or use recycled paper! With more materially being kept in a digital format, consider using paper that’s 100% recycled. 
  • Ditch the single-use plastic cutlery – buy metal or re-usable items. 
  • Use eco-friendly cleaning products – for both your hand and workplaceMany everyday cleaning products are indoor pollutants that are dangerous for the environment as well as human health. Purchase environmentally friendly hand soaps and cleaning sprays that do not have harmful and toxic chemicals.