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There are many professional commercial cleaning companies serving a wide range of commercial establishments and premises. Typically, one might think of an office or office block, but there are also retail establishments to consider; a shopping mall for example will require a skilled team of cleaners to come in on a daily basis to ensure it not only looks, but is actually clean and tidy. The footfall in such buildings is immense and the range of fixtures and fittings that need to be cleaned is equally extensive. Bugs and germs will be hiding and breeding in all sorts of nooks and crannies and it’s imperative that surfaces are thoroughly cleansed.  Our team has many years of experience cleaning these exact sort of premises.  Contact us today on 020 3734 9508 to discuss how we can help you.

The Westfield shopping mall in Shepherds Bush, West London and the Bluewater Shopping Centre each attracts approximately 28 million visitors a year, which breaks down to an average of 77,000 people a day, 7 days a week! The Westfield site is 158 000 sq metres or the equivalent of 30 football pitches to give this a more meaningful sense of perspective. It is probably safe to assume that on any given day, at least 10 to 20% of that population (that’s c. 7700 to 14,500 people) is experiencing some form of cough, flu, etc type of illness. Factor that into an environment that is warm in the winter and air conditioning cooled in the summer and you’ve an enormous breeding ground for germs.

It’s key therefore to ensure that the cleaning company you engage has the capacity, skill and knowledge to be able to effectively and thoroughly clean the building, inside and out, with the appropriate products. Consider this, many companies make reference to the use of green and environmentally friendly products; however, did you know that many of these are petroleum based? Needless to say, petroleum based products aren’t as environmentally friendly as they good be. We seek to use plant rather than petroleum based products  – you’re not going to get much greener and sustainable than that!

Aside from retail outlets, we also undertake the cleaning of:

  •  – housing estates
  •  – airports
  •  – stations
  •  – building refurbs

Contact us on +44(0) 20-3734-9508 to discuss how we are able to help you address those cleaning issues with which you’re grappling.

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