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Commercial Cleaning In London

Commercial cleaning in London covers a multitude of premises and our team has extensive experience managing the upkeep and maintenance of large scale commercial needs across the Capital, including:

– offices,
– airports,
– stations,
– retail / shopping malls
– office refurbishments
– residential housing estates.

All offered at a highly competitive price. Call us today on 020 3734 9508 to discuss how we can help you.

Whether your premises are in the latter stages of being built / refurbished and prior to any waterproofing or the final crystal clean once the decorating’s completed, we can help. Our goal is to ensure that our clients and in turn their clients expectations have been met and exceeded. One thing to keep an eye out for is companies who’ve been awarded the sought after NHBC quality awards at sites certificate.

This may not be something that may immediately spring to mind, but, just think about it, before the intended occupants of a building that has recently been built can move in, the site will have to be thoroughly and extensively cleaned. Dust and other debris that is a natural by-product of the build gets everywhere – just ask someone who’s lived on site when they’ve had an extension or equivalent to their home. Yes, one can put out and up dust sheets and whilst it will provide some protection, it’s not 100% full-proof.  Cleaning office and building refurbishments is one of our specialities.  Contact us today on 020 3734 9508 to discuss how we can help you.

Commercial premises are no different, in fact, because these are effectively a public space, they are subject to a range of health and safety policies and regulations, including COSHH (Control of Substances Hazardous to Health) standards. A competent and professional office cleaning service provider will know and ensure that both the company and its staff are fully trained in the use of these products and substances.

Providing innovative solutions to what many may consider to be a run of the mill activity is key for both the client and service provider and is one within which we seek to excel.  We’re continually reviewing how we deliver our services and the tools employed, both technical and product.

Simple examples of the former are the use of computer equipment and services. This enables our teams to be in close contact and ensures our managers are able to instruct the on-site team if and when a particular need arises.  It also means that site reviews and reports can be completed in near real time, which reduces the time taken to respond and arguably more importantly, means unnecessary costs are not being incurred in the completion of associated paperwork.

By the same token, we continually review the products used and strive to use more green and environmentally friendly materials. Aside from the immediate benefits to those working with these substances and those who use the space, there can also be financial benefits and these are factored into the jobs and prices for which we quote.

Contact us today, 020 3734 9508, to discuss how we can help you and your company keep your workplace premises clean.

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