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Why Going Green Is Good For Your Home and Business

Going green projects or advertisements are every where these days; in the news, technology, fashion and politics. In addition, there are many websites on the internet that emphasize the importance of going green and with the availability of  planet green TV network, it is easy to watch entertaining programs that are eco- friendly and informative.

With the wide range of ideas about going green all over the media, both traditional and digital, it is not easy to know what to follow in terms, for example of focusing on organic food, recycling, tree planting on the home front through to removal of rubbish or trash bins in the office to encourage recycling at your place of work. These going green non government organisations (NGOs) are known to greatly emphasize that we as individuals are responsible for all environmental destruction.  This article will look to show the importance of going green to improve our home and business environment.

This also contributes directly to the cost and service required by your workplace cleaners.  The more the janitorial team need to do, the longer it’ll take or the more resource will be required, both of which translate into a higher price.

What is going green?

Before you get to know what going green is all about, it is important that you fully get to understand the its’ meaning. Going green means changing or coming up with a particular lifestyle that programs you to live a life that is eco-friendly. It involves implementing ways and strategies for waste management and reduction of pollution amounts. Basically, it is a lifestyle that makes positive changes to your surroundings or environment. The sole purpose for going green is to improve nature for the future as well as the current generation.

How to go green in your home?

Going green in your home generally involves conservation and utilization of energy, water, waste and other home related resources. For example, you should replace high voltage bulbs that are above 80 watts that consume a lot of electric energy with 40 to 60 watts. This will help to conserve energy as well as save you money on your electric bills. Other ways of conserving energy is by taking short hot showers. Do not throw away food leftover, you can warm and eat it.  You should practice the culture of recycling waste products instead of throwing them away. Items that seem to have no importance, you can fix them in your garage instead of throwing them away because they may turn out to be helpful later.

Going green in your business

Applying ‘’going green’’ methods in businesses results to a wide range of benefits to employees as well as business owners. These processes promote the creation of safe and healthy working environment for workers. In addition, it helps in the reduction of wastes through implementation of recycling and greatly helps to bring about positive social changes to the business. And in the long run reduces the probability of global warming.

Going green in business has got a lot of practical advantages. Companies that go green are reducing the amount of toxic gas in the air. Actually, these toxic gases are treated to remove the toxic substances before getting released to the environment through the chimney. Poisonous waste fluids from industries are being recycled to become useful. Moreover, many employees are now being provided with protective attires and proper equipment when performing hazardous jobs. Many governments are now actively supporting companies that embrace the ‘’going green’’ by reducing their tax bills or providing other incentives.

Whether your considering this from a purely altruistic perspective or with a more commercial and therefore financial mind, there is clearly a benefit to be realised.


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