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We understand that every office and workplace is different.  We design the services delivered to meet your specific requirements.  Our prices are highly competitive and service satisfaction’s guaranteed.

Call us today on 020-3734-9508 to talk through how we can help support and deliver your workplace and commercial cleaning requirements.

We are a team of highly skilled and experienced personnel, delivering office cleaning in London. Our team, from management to our on-site personnel have extensive experience in the industry, working with a wide range of projects, including office cleans, building refurbs, schools, housing and real estates and airports. We will be able to help you.

Office Cleaning London – Call 020 3734 9508

Price is an important factor, but so too is quality.  There are many places within an office that harbour germs (see our free report which is available by entering your details on the right hand side of this page — and believe it or not, a kitchen surface can be dirtier than the washroom!).  Make sure your workplace isn’t causing your staff to be unwell, in turn taking days off work and lowering the company’s productivity.  Call us today to discuss the challenges you’re grappling with and learn how we can help you.

Our services are tailored according to your need; from a frequency of:

  •  – daily
  •  – weekly
  •  – fortnightly
  •  – monthly
  •  – seasonally (e.g. winter / spring deep cleans)

Through to a range of services inside and out, including, but not limited to:

  •  – polishing, vacuuming and general maintenance
  •  – deep carpet and floor cleansing
  •  – washroom services
  •  – window and external cleansing

If you’re grappling with the need to identify other commercial office cleaning companies be this because you’ve a specific one off need that your current supplier cannot fulfil or you’re at that point of the contract renewal cycle where you’ll be going out to tender, then contact us to discuss how we can help address your requirements. Whether there is a specific need or additional information is sought, call us to discuss further.

We take the Health and Safety of our team and our client’s premises very seriously and seek to ensure we deliver a quality service that doesn’t compromise standards.

We scale our services according to what’s required; this means that we aren’t maintaining a range of costly equipment and other capital costs that have to be recouped in our charges.  We believe in constantly challenging ourselves to identify innovative approaches that will benefit our clients.

Geographically, London is at the heart of our operation, from there we span out from central London, covering areas including The City, The West End, out to Greater London, west and west of London and then into the Home Counties.

If you’ve signed up for our free factsheet on the top 5 worst offenders for germs in the workplace, you’ll know that germs are everywhere and some places are particularly prone to them.  Now, it’s clearly not possible or practical to seek a level of cleanliness one might expect of an operating theatre, but keeping the place clean is paramount not only for your staff and visitors, but also for the benefit of your firm’s productivity. If people are off ill, they’re not productive and if they’re on the premises, but suffering from one ailment or another, they’re transferring those germs to others – be this through general interaction or via the building’s air conditioning system.

This is one of the reasons to move the scope of work from one based solely on an input specification to one more geared towards the output and one that allows an agreed level of discretion for the team who are charged with keeping the office clean; they’ll be aware if one or more areas are subject to a higher level of footfall, eg around a repositioned drink’s watercooler, than had been previously set when the specification and costs were agreed.  This flexibility enables the team to focus on this area more than another where the footfall has dropped or is lower than initially set out.  Such flexibility combined with the team’s proactive approach ensures that the area remains clean.

To discuss further how we can help you and your cleaning needs, call us on 020 3734 9508.

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