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Workplaces can be found in all shapes and sizes and the necessities of no two workplaces are the same, hence why our solution is tailored to meet the needs of each client.  The tools, technique and so forth will certainly differ from site to site and expert office cleaning service company to company.

We tailor our services based on the nature of the office cleaning services and requirement; therefore we do not have or need to keep a variety of equipment and various other capital intensive machinery “on the books” which would then need to be redeemed in our fees. Our team believe in frequently challenging ourselves to identify innovative approaches that will benefit our customers.  For example, we use dry ice to remove chewing gum. There are several benefits to this, but the top two are that it leaves no mess or residue and is environmentally friendly.  Contact us today on 020 3734 9508 to discuss your needs and how we can help you.

Whatever the frequency of your cleaning need, be this daily, weekly, fortnightly, monthly, we can support this.

Geographically, London goes to the heart of our operation, from there we extend out from central London, covering areas consisting of The City, The West End, out to Greater London, west and west of London and afterwards into the Home Counties.

If you’ve registered for our free factsheet on the top 5 worst offenders in an office, you’ll know that germs are everywhere and some locations are specifically vulnerable to them. Now, it’s clearly not possible or useful to seek a level of tidiness one might expect of an operating theatre, yet keeping an office clean is paramount not simply for your personnel and visitors, but also for the advantage of your company’s efficiency. If staff / visitors become ill, they’re not as efficient and if they’re in the office when suffering with one ailment or another, they’re spreading those germs / that virus to others – be this through basic interaction or through the building’s air conditioning system.  Air conditioning units are one of the prime causes of diseases being spread throughout a building as they reach every floor and every office. Does your current cleaning contract cater for the cleaning of the air conditioning system?

This is just one of the reasons to move the range of job from one based only on an input spec to one more geared in the direction of the outcome and one that permits a predetermined level of discernment for the team that are responsible for keeping the office tidy; they’ll be aware if one or more locations are subject to a higher degree of footfall, eg around a repositioned drinks watercooler, than had been recently set when the requirements were defined. This versatility enables the group to concentrate on this area more than another where the footfall has fallen or is lower than initially set out. Such flexibility integrated with the team’s proactive strategy ensures that the area continues to be clean.

Being innovative and seeking new approaches to boost the support service offered is a vital attribute. To discuss further just how we can assist you and your cleaning needs, call us on 020 3734 9508.

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