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How Much Does Office Cleaning Cost?

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How much does office cleaning cost or what is the cost of office cleaning is, not surprisingly, a common question.  The exact prices will vary depending on the specifics and there’s not a one size fits all approach.  That being said, there are a couple of core components around which to start.

These are:

1. An average person would be expected to clean approximately 250 square metres / or 2500 square feet in an hour.  In areas that are more densely populated (e.g. a contact centre), the area cleaned would reduce by about 25% to 200 square metres or 2000 square feet.  In areas that have a lower usage then the area covered would increase to about 300 square metres or 3000 square feet.

2. Whether there are any specific needs for an area that would require more time, effort and attention.

3. An indicative guide on the cost is an hourly charge of between £10 to £13.

To determine the square metres or feet of a room, simply measure the length and breadth of the room and multiply these together.


5 factors that shape the pricing of a cleaning service contract:

1. Frequency of the clean, e.g. daily, weekly, monthly, etc

2. How the area is used, for example, some parts of the premises will experience a heavier footfall than others or the way they’re used requires more detailed attention, often refered to as a “deep clean”, whereas areas less used or used differently may only require a “surface” clean.

3. If the area has any access restrictions or factors that influence who can do what, when and how.

4. Whether the charge is applied on an hourly basis, a flat rate or variable.

5. If specific equipment and / or supplies are required and whether these are to be provided as part of the quote.


Pro Tip:

  • Where an area hasn’t been cleaned previously or not for a substantial period of time, the effort and materials initially required are likely to be higher at first than once a regular schedule is set up and being actioned.
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