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Is High Density Polyethylene the future of construction and plastic substances?

Commercial cleaning with sustainable technology

High Density Polyethylene commonly known as HDPE is an opaque, strong and a crystalline structured plastic that is rigid in nature. It is used to make gallon jugs, plastic containers, moulded tub containers as well as general plastic containers that are used for packaging. It is strong enough to resist harsh and extreme climate. In addition, it can also be recycled under extreme high temperatures to create new products. These days, it is used in engineering especially in construction of commercial buildings as well as pipes.

Cooling tower construction

High density is the fundamental component when building a cooling tower construction.  The HDPE material is carefully shaped into a giant shell-like structure to become a cooling tower. Because of the high density of polyethylene, it is hard for the cooling tower to leak, crack or form chips. Moreover, HDPE is resistant to rust and does not need protective coating or painting. This material is very important in the construction of cooling towers because it very durable and very cheap to construct.

Before the invention of using HDPE in the construction of cooling towers, engineers were using galvanized steel which only helped in the protection of interim corrosion. The other option is zinc galvanization which delays corrosion for  sometime but in the future the cooling tower always get affected by corrosion.

Today, HDPE has played a major role in building long lasting, energy efficient, safe and long lasting structures. The demand for technology to be applied in modern construction has promoted the use of HDPE world wide. And this has greatly helped in building structures that provide maximum performance.

Construction of corrugated pipes

The characteristics of high density polyethylene such as resistivity to corrosion, it smooth appearance and abrasion which helps it to support large and heavy cargo as well as resisting chemical corrosion qualify it for making pipes. Corrugated pipes are generally used to allow the flow of high pressure fluids and HDPE is able to make these kinds of pipes strong and durable. Further more, HDPE pipes are usually flexible and can be used for plumbing.

Other uses of HPDE

High density polyethylene is used to make chemical containers by taking advantage of it high resistivity to chemicals. It can package highly corrosive solvent such as chlorine and strong detergents without having effects on its’ structure. It is generally used to package house hold and industrial chemicals.

HDPE is also used to make food containers such as milk bottles, snack packages, yoghurt, water, margarine, deli food bottles, cans among others. HDPE is preferred to contain various type of food because it cannot allow oxygen and other gases into the container; this helps to protects food and beverages from spoil.

Simple house hold good such as floor tiles, picnic tables, bucket, litter bins as well as flower pots are made of HDPE. Sometime it is used to make, cable jackets for insulation, conduit pipes, wire insulations garbage bags, plastic wood composite among many others.

We constantly strive to ensure that we use sustainable products and practices whatever the commercial premises.

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